Pride has no borders.

After 30 years of advocacy, Johannesburg Pride has grown to become the most established and well-attended pride event in South Africa. Attracting an increasing number of supporters throughout Africa every year, it has become a key supporter in the African LGBTQ+ME space. As a result, it has adopted a much bigger cause, going beyond the parade and beyond its own borders, striving to foster a culture of authenticity, acceptance, and support.

Building on last year’s theme of ‘Authentically You’, we’ve created Pride of Africa as a unified platform and voice for a diverse community. The platform will see the introduction of a lifestyle conference and youth shelter, in addition to supporting events being hosted across Africa. This includes the continent’s longest running pride event: Johannesburg Pride.


Our intent is to build individual and collective pride within the communities across Africa.


While South Africa champions equality laws and the rights of sexual and gender minorities, the unfortunate reality is that LGBTQ+ME communities across the continent still face significant legal, social and cultural barriers. The right of all South Africans to exercise their constitutional freedom of association and demonstration is vividly juxtaposed to the gay murders, corrective rapes, workplace discrimination, and transphobia that has occurred across the continent. These events continue to highlight the selective discrimination faced by the LGBTQ+ME Community.


In order to capture the intention, collaboration, and strength of Pride of Africa, a new visual identity was created to represent equality and acceptance across the continent. Underpinning this new identity is a symbol of liberation and unity: a flag inspired by those of all 54 African countries.

A flag that strives to create a positive stance for a continent where the community faces such overwhelming negativity.

A flag that represents the diversity of all our African brothers and sisters.

A flag that says you are accepted, you are welcome, and you are safe where this flag flies.

A flag that celebrates who we are as a community and as individuals.

Proudly African. Authentically you.